Jubilee Chantey Singers

Hot Chocolate Jubilee (HCJ) is a community variety show benefiting the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Maine.

Planning has begun for HCJX 2019

Alison Lee Freeman

As Shipmates, Alison Lee Freeman, Liz & Chris Lannon, and Charlie Ipcar, offered Sea Americana, traditional American music, and early blues. Harmonies and humor accompanied by guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin.

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Join in on the chorus for a

journey back in time and

enjoy history the old-fashioned way,

through entertaining songs and stories.

Alison Lee Freeman is a 21st-century chantey singer with an extraordinary voice easily heard over gale-force winds. She specializes in sea chanteys, American folk songs, and parlor music from the 1800s.


Freeman has performed at a variety of diverse venues such as museums, festivals, cruise ships, schools, clubs, and assisted living facilities.


Recordings are available for purchase at CDBaby.com and online music services such as Apple iTunes and Spotify.

Alison Lee Freeman

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